ABOUT US | Company History

Our mission is to bring you the best in VoIP telephone systems

Established in Birmingham, AL, Momentum was founded in 2001 as Momentum Telecom – a residential and business telephone and internet service provider. In 2005, Momentum began offering wholesale VoIP solutions and telephone systems for businesses, and in 2011, Momentum acquired CommPartners and has further expanded into the Value Added Reseller and retail arena.

Leveraging its fully, geo-redundant telecommunications infrastructure and back-office capabilities, Momentum provides high quality, reliable and low-cost applications and is the telephony vendor of choice for more than 350 operators nationwide.

Momentum’s continued growth can be credited to its superior quality of service, large footprint, established track record of success in telephony, complete 24×7 Tier 1 support and flexible multi-vendor interoperability.

Momentum is headquartered in Birmingham, AL with additional offices in Las Vegas and Belarus.